Monday, April 27, 2009

Max Lucado

I had the pleasure of receiving Max Lucado's DVD titles Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure from Thomas Nelson publishers. My youngest who is 10 enjoyed the movie. She is tinkering on not enjoying cartoons as much. She enjoyed the content and lessons learned. Skeeter is another Hermie and Friends cartoon. This particular one is on Being Unique. The leasson is based on Paslm 139:13 and 14. We were all designed by God. We each bring our own "uniqueness" into God's plan for our lives. We were not an accident. We all have something to bring to the table! The colors in the movie are wonderful, and the voices to boot!

Voices of each character include the likes of John O'Hurley...I think he was on Dancing with the stars a season or two ago! Funny man Tim Conway as the character Hermie, Robb Pottorf and Melissa Disney.

The movie running time about 60 minutes. Just long enough for little ones to sit and enjoy the movie. This is good quality TV watching verses other stuff that our little ones may be tempted to watch. Your little ones are sure to enjoy this movie. Max Lucado is one very talented man!

In Minnesota we all know about pesky are sure to get a kick out of Sinclair the mosquito. There is a little treasure map and a little adventure/mystery. You are sure to realize that even mosquitos have a place in our world. God must have created them for a purpose!

Go our and enjoy Hermie and Friends with another adventure of fun for your children. Good lessons to learn!


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