Friday, April 24, 2009

A whirlwind week

Just when things are ho hum....

Just when I don't know which direction to turn with Hope Blooms

Just when I am losing interests....

Wham...God throws more exciting stuff at me!

Sue Turner from WCCO adopted two children from Liberia almost two years ago. I have been following her blog since she was actually in Liberia. She wrote on her blog about people from Liberia coming up to her and thanking her for adopting, or sending her e-mails, thanking her for adopting from Liberia. I posted a little about what our plans are for Hope Blooms. The next day she had looked at our website and e-mailed us about doing a story about Hope Blooms.

Now what is so exciting about this opens huge doors for us. We get to share about our passion with adopting and waiting children. We get to hopefully/prayerfully build partnerships with donors. It may open doors for us to get started this summer. And that my friends, excites me! We are also getting the word out about adopting from Minnesota's foster care system.

So, please pray for this time. WE have not heard back from Sue yet. She thought it could take a couple of days. So pray for expedition on this! But God's timing is perfect, and I know that He is already working on the details. And what sweet details they are! WOW GOD IS GOOD! I am so blessed that I keep getting reminders of that every so often... well actually since this whole BIG plan started last July!

Have a good weekend!

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