Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The best is yet to come...

Just a year ago....Hope Blooms wasn't even a thought in my head. I found and found a girl named Britney that I had a heart to help...then Joe, then Jason...then.....I still see these kid's picture in my head. They are all almost to ready to age out of the foster care system. Makes me sad that I cannot help them right now.

There are so many Joe's Britney's and Jason's....

I often pray for them....asking God to give them hope

asking God to give them peace...

I hope they feel that in their little lives. They have so much ahead of them, and soon decisions will be all theirs, rather than the adults that have been forced into their lives.

We have an interview set up for this coming Friday with channel four...WCCO/CBS. I really feel God orchestrated this moment to truly benefit Hope Blooms....the best is yet to come.

I feel that God is telling me we will be building this summer. This is so unthinkable to me. To think just a year ago, Hope Blooms wasn't eve non my mind, and here I am planning to buy land and build up to 10 homes this summer. Last year I was asking God...pleading with God...what do You want me to do with my life? I knew I wanted to make a difference...but I wasn't prepared for what God was going to show me. So all you little children in the state of Minnesota, hang on the best is yet to come...I will do my best to help each one of you. God has given me a huge task that I will not take lightly!

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Wendy Blight said...


I saw your story on Renee's blog. What a beautiful heart you and your family have to begin this incredible ministry. There is no greater joy in life than finding your God-given calling and purpose. Your comment will encourage so many that no matter where we are in life, if we seek God for healing and hope, He will bring it...tenfold!!

Blessings on your new adventure with God.


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