Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dandelions or Lillies

There is much growing that we need to do as adults...young adults as well. I look back to my younger years. Wow so much growing up we do in our 20's. Coming from a girl who at age 16 got a free meal with my parents because the waiter thought I was under 12...I so couldn't wait to be I am leaning closer to 40 and want to be 30 again...or even 27....but I don't care to go back to my teens. There is enough to deal with in a normal childhood...I don't care to do it 2 times!

We just heard a sermon on Sunday about planting, blooming, spreading....Our pastor used dandelions. I will use Lillie's...much more enjoyable flower!

I have Tiger lilies, pink lilies, white lilies and dark maroon red lilies and Asiatic lilies. Every year they grow to be a bigger bunch....sometimes they come up where we have not had them before. Some have huge stems, some just tiny...the newer ones seem to be the tiniest.

Lillie's grow in sandy soil, but really go to town in the darker soil that we have planted some of them in.

After a summer of watering them, pulling some of the weeds that are around them, and watching them grow bigger and bigger, they get a beautiful flower on them. Hummingbirds love to come drink nectar from them.

How can I apply this to my life? Well, for starters, I create a home of rich soil. That is I don't bring in junk into my home...pornography, shows on TV that are not suitable for kids. Drugs or to much drinking. We use kind words to each other most of the time. We are creating good soil for us and our kids. Getting into God's word on a regular basis. God isn't just for Sundays. Once we have good soil we are fertilized and watered through God's word. Dig into the word....Your faith is caught not taught! As you follow this, you will bloom into a new creation that God wants you to be.

I love planting flowers, and seeing them bloom. I really like different ones that not every one has. But don't always have luck with them! Hope Blooms is founded on this... as we take care of children, nurture, fertilize new children in our lives, water, we can watch them bloom. There will be nothing better than when we can actually see the fruits of all this labor. I just cannot wait to physically start Hope Blooms!

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