Sunday, May 17, 2009

Listening When God Speaks

I have been trying to make it a habit to try to listen to God's voice. Since I have been doing that, I have come across many times that when I first heard God's voice, but ignored it, and then realized it was His voice speaking to me....

A few examples in the little ways that I have ignored His voice..

1. I needed Tylenol. I had a couple of bottle of Ibuprofen, but no bottles of Tylenol. I looked at one bottle of ibuprofen and looked around it, and after several minutes of searching, I opened up this bottle, the same one I overlooked, and it had Tylenol in it....

2. One day while I was driving kids to school I contemplated which way to go in. I was closer to cty rd. 23, but thought for a split second to just go back to hwy 25. I chose to go 23, and on my way in, my son called me to tell me there was construction on 23 and if I could to go back to hwy 25. There was a long wait.

Well, my point is, God speaks to us in many small situations. Many times we don't listen...I am learning to listen quicker than I used to.

A few weeks ago when I got Sue Turner, from WCCO, email, I was so excited, as you can imagine. It was early evening, and a nice night. I told Wayne that I just had to go for a little walk and just pray. We have a pond down a little hill behind our house. So I decided to go down there. I had 3 followers...the dogs. They all love to walk. So I went down there, the sun was starting to set, and it was a little cloudy. I knelt down and just said Thank You God over and over. All of a sudden I heard a plop/splash. In flew 2 ducks. Weird? Yes, I think so. I felt that was God saying to me...You are Welcome. Ducks are one of my favorite animals. They are fun to watch as babies. Usually when we walk down to the pond, we are scaring ducks out of there. For them to fly down, with me and three dogs down there, could only be explained as God.

Are you listening to what God is saying to you? What have you missed out on?

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