Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby's Little Bible: Pink Addition

I have had the honor of reviewing quite a few books. Kregel Productions have quite a few worth reading titles. And this little Bible does not disappoint.

I have a little niece that will be getting this little book for Christmas this year. It will be perfect for her. My Cousin (like my sister) has been waiting for far to long for her daughter, and this will be perfect their bedtime routine. I only wish I could see her open it, and read even just one story for her.

The pictures are just the right amount of color, big enough for little ones to look well. Enough detail on their faces as they recognize facial expressions. With children from hard places who do not understand a mad, sad, happy face, this will also help them.

The stories are short and to the point, and will help children get a grasp on so many of the important Bible stories in our midst. You could easily read two at night before bed, with enough time to discuss what the stories mean, how we are like the characters, how we are different.

This is a must have book for those looking for a good Baby's Bible. A great keepsake Bible, that is pink for girls, blue for boys.


I received this book from Kregel Productions...strictly for the purpose to review. I am not paid in any way for my review.

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Diane said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hello! Found you through the Kregel blog tour list. Hugs and Merry Christmas!!! :O)

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