Saturday, December 31, 2011

How does God speak?

There are many things that I continually pray for. Some are more earnest than others. Some are on my mind but I don't continually pray over them...but if they happen I would be ecstatic.

last night, I had the luxury of flipping through channels, as Wayne was at work. I stumbled upon 700 Club. If you are not familiar, it is a show that was playing on the Hallmark Channel. It has a Christian theme, and is more on the conservative side. they have a variety of things on the show...from authors, to music artist etc. I caught just the end, and they happened to be praying for specific things. I thought....goodness they are weird. But I was compelled to listen anyway. And suddenly the lady on there was praying for someone who had food allergies, and that God had healed them and that the person affected should just touch their throat and know that they can eat things they have not been able to eat. The weird thing is, I knew she was talking to me. But I quickly dismissed it and went to bed.

Well, today, we went out for lunch to Red Lobster before Wayne had to work. Ring in the new year a little early. I had a salad, for the first time in 20 years, it didn't affect my mouth or my throat...and it doesn't stop there. I had a banana today too....I am not kidding you  when I say that it has been nearly 20 years. I am still amazed and not even convinced myself that it is true. With each of my 5 pregnancies, my food allergies have gotten worse. All fresh fruits and veggies have affected me in some way. There are no docs that can give me an explanation. I have met only one other person with the same reaction that I have.

So, can God answer prayer after so many years....yes I believe HE does. I am still amazed, and know people will think I am crazy...but I will just eat a banana and know what HE has truly done!

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