Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Healing is a Choice: Steve Arterburn

Steve Arterburn is a well known author, one I have admired for many years. He has quite a few titles under his belt, all with great Biblical advice.

I was thrilled to be able to get a copy of this book, which is revised and updated. It includes a workbook after each chapter.

the book is broken up into 10 chapters. It is an easy to manage chunk that you will be able to stay focused for the duration of that chapter. My favorite chapter is four. It includes that lie that "time heals all wounds". Arturburn states that "time changes all wounds" and looking back at chapter 2 which states " what is true of the physical pain and the body is true for emotional pain and the soul" Time will change your wounds, which is usually negative. You do need to spend some time healing those old wounds, and it is ok to go and ask for help with this. God is the ultimate healer, but He also uses people to help us, as well as us to help others. There is just so much good stuff in this book, that you do need to read it for yourself. We all come from junk...we all need to work through it.

The workbook section...while I didn't do everything, I did glance through it, and will take the time to finish it at a later time. There is room to journal, and also a prayer at the end.

This book is for you if you think you've dealt with stuff, need to deal with stuff, or think you don't have anything to deal with...

I received this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of writing what i thought. I receive no compensation for any of the reviews from Thomas Nelson.

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