Sunday, July 7, 2013

A few pictures

The first moment I held Shadrack. The starting of our journey.
One of my favorite pictures...even if with my "Africa hair" Natural curly hair is
not very favorable in Africa.

Shadrack loves his tootsies.

The first moment Wayne was holding Shadrack...

The wood carvers...most of our gifts were bought from the 
guys who hand carve these. We found their "wood" shop and watched them. 
We will bring sandpaper, tools and shoe polish back to them when we pick up Shadrack.
The view from our guesthouse. Tonya Doering says it 
looks just like Hawaii...

Another Beach view.

Our Driver Rebecca

Our guest house. Looking at it from the beach.

These women and children clean up the beach every morning, then chase out sand crabs to 
boil and make supper.

Today channel 5 is coming to do a news story on our journey...Thanks to Jen Forner. They say it will air tonight. Will keep you posted!
Help us fundraise! Any donations are Greatly appreciated~

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