Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who should go?

With Liberia Africa fresh on my mind...the plight of not only orphans, but families...families that are not only working, working, working...working to LIVE life. But families that are taking the time for the Lord on Sunday mornings. A Government that poses fees to business that open on Sunday's, a driver that says with confidence "no, my tires won't go flat (as did the cars ahead of her) My tires are covered in the blood of Jesus" Meaning, she took the time to attend church on said Sunday, whatever is in the road, won't touch her tires...and it didn't.

I got the idea of starting Hope Blooms, from God. Back in the summer of 2008. It has been a journey of twists and turns. Some good things, some bad. But I knew my heart surrounded the orphans...both near and far. I have a heart for helping those in need...and wish I could do more. I don't always do the right thing...but I aim to do the right thing. Hope Blooms went from creating a neighborhood for families to raise children in foster care in safe houses, to helping widows, orphans, caregivers and now providing support services to families that have adopted or are providing foster care, along with tinkering on helping orphans in Liberia to find US homes.

In parallel Wayne and I have gone from raising our five children..with just 2 minor children at home, to planing to adopt from Foster now bringing home a blind one year old to have his medical needs assessed, from Liberia...where the medical care is scarce. Our heart bleeds the longer we have to wait to get him here to at the minimum have prostetics put in his eye sockets. Or to see if he can get a transplant....For him to go back to the bush at this point, would be detrimental to his life. But if he can see, to be a witness to bringing him back to his mama for care...back to the very village that didn't want him. This little boy needs to have a chance to show his tribe he is WORTH every penny we spend on him to get here, to host him for a love on teach him to crawl and then walk. Are not all people worth it?

Over this time, we have heard...."why are they not adopting from the US, there are plenty of children in need" "A black child?" "If you bring home a 1 year old special needs boy, you won't have time to babysit your grandchildren" To many other countless unfair statements....statements that are laden with satan's evil scheme. But we know these comments are out of ignorance to what God calls us to be in this life...and we still care for the orphan in our back yard. We believe RED YELLOW BLACK AND WHITE, they are all precious in HIS sight. And we have so much room in our hearts to care for our grandbabies and other children.....There really are no questions....

Well, this morning I had the honor of being one of the first to view a video posted below by Visiting Orphans. They are a well established organization that is helping orphans and FAMILIES all over the world. this video made me think of the direction of Hope to better partner with other organizations....Which is a weird concept....partnering with other organizations....when I started Hope Blooms, I had other well meaning organizations tell me they just don't share information....I may apply for the same grant and get it...and they might not then....I was floored by the close mouthness of local charities! But, I was so refreshed to see Visiting Orphans (VO) talk about partnering with others organizations to get GODS work done....not VO, not HB, not XXXX, but GODS work done....if we work alone, it takes a long time....working together...makes lighter work...and many more people affected by God's love!

I hope you take some time to see what VO is doing. How they are helping in places you may or may not get to....Consider going with them to help families thrive...or helping someone else get there. Not everyone is called to adopt. Not everyone is called on a mission trip abroad or Stateside. But we are ALL called to care.

you can visit VO here....Visiting Orphans

Please watch this video. Then, try to NOT do anything! HA! Doing something will not only change your will change the life of someone...some family....GO. BE. LOVE!
Visiting Orphans You Tube Video


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