Monday, July 15, 2013

Long weeks ahead

As we sit in the dog days of summer, we are still plugging away on the best way to bring Shadrack here for medical care.

After talking with a great Attorney who works with Immigration, we are choosing to bring him here on Humanitarian Parole. This isn't a sure way, but it will get him here on medical care faster than adopting him. Plus it gives us a chance to find out his needs. Find out if he will be in fact be able to see again. Although it will be hard, if there is a chance he can see again, he is best off with his mom. She obviously loves him. So we feel this is the best route. We are legal guardians, and so hopefully this will be an uneventful process, and we are hoping Klobachars office will still help this process to be decided faster. They can help with immigration to decide in just a couple weeks. So we meet with the attorney on Wednesday, bring all of our documents, and sign our life away!!!

We have great people standing behind behind us! The Clear Lake Fire Department is working on a fundraiser to help us with our immediate needs. Plus people that just out of the blue hand over funds to help. We are truly thankful. Not everyone is called to help in the physical sense with orphans, but we are all called to care in some way. And we THANK each and everyone of you for your support!

We will keep you all updated on getting this little one here as we have more information!


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