Thursday, July 11, 2013

It all continues...and it isn't easier...

IF, I were to get a tattoo...this is what I would get! I truly feel that I left part of my heart in Africa. I have five beautiful children here, at home, in Minnesota....But, one important piece of my heart is in Liberia Africa. I am a horrible drawer, but you get the gist of what I mean.
I hate the place we are in. I am mad, sad, many struggles!
We found out an important part of our journey is a missing Home Study. usually in adoptions you complete a home study. But we were going the guardianship route first, to assess Shadracks needs and then adopt if he couldn't get care in Liberia like the US has to offer. The adoption agency we are using was asked multiple times weather we needed a home study along with the I600 I 600a paperwork. We were told no multiple times....yesterday I got a phone call that once our home study is complete, we can fill out the paperwork with Immigration and get him home....This adds on $2400, plus I think $720, plus another flight to Africa....Expenses we have not been planning on.
Currently we are working with an attorney to see if we can get him here faster, then to finish the adoption paperwork. But there are so many unknowns at this moment.
I hate struggling with negative emotions. I know it is part of this life. I keep asking why did we plan the trip to Liberia, and why didn't we know about the home study, and, and, and....THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF US BRINGING SHADRACK HOME! We cannot help but feel angry over the misleading of this all. Wayne burnt up almost ALL of his PTO to go to Liberia, and stay home for his initial doctors appointments.
That all said, we are so thrilled to have met and spent so much quality time with Shadrack. But it makes this time here so much harder.
We have had many people step up to the plate to help us. From our families to firefighters, to Wayne's co workers. We thank you all!
Our families are planning a fundraiser on September 15th. Wayne just got a message from some fire fighters that they want to help with a fundraiser. God is good amidst the struggles. Shadrack deserves to have some medical answers. He shouldn't still be in the orphanage. With everything we do...I cannot help but think of how we would be experiencing it through his mind's eye. From hearing the birds, to heading to the Little Falls Zoo today. To, the dark barking....

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Sara Corbett said...

If there is anything that Michael and I can do to help you guys out with the fundraiser please let us know. We are hoping and praying that you can get your little boy home very soon. Again if there is anything we can do to help let us know. Love ya's and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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