Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When you unravel at the seams.....

When life throws ya lemons...do you make lemonade?  when life seems so dark that you cannot find your way out...do you wallow in that darkness?

What are some things, we as women can do to overcome? When you come unglued and are unsure how to even find the bottle of glue that you are sure you had...just a few days ago...? What will you do?

Lysa TerKeurst wrote a book called Unglued..well actually a Bible Study. Then went on to write 60 devotions for just this topic. I follow Lysa's blog here Lysa's Blog.  In her blog, she talks about every day life that people like you and I encounter. Lysa is a true life person, living the Christian life, in an imperfect way...and freely shares her shortcomings. Through this we are able to relate to her, and know that EVERYONE FAILS at some time. If we are all honest, we can surely relate!

So when, I was able to grab a book of Lysa's to reveiw, I snatched it right up. I have to admit I grabbed this book some time ago...so long ago that I had to ask to keep my Booksneeze Account active. With preparing for our adoption, it was hard to focus on much else!

In Lysa's Unglued Devotion book, I was reminded once again of God's grace in my life. And as a wife and mom, God has me and will deliver me from where I need delivering. Unglued showed me again as I turned through each devotion what Lysa communicates in her blog. Through our humanness, we can be a light to others. When you or I make mistakes, when you  and I come unglued, and don't make lemonade....Forgiveness is ours freely.

Run our and grab this book! It will help your perspective of yourself. We have to many things in our lives that do not help us in the least! Everywhere we turn, there is somehting or someone squashing the joy right out of us! Along with your Bible and  Unglued devotions, you can gain a better perspecitve!

I obtained this devotion for the sole purpose of reading and posting a review of my choice! I was not paid or swayed in how I chose to review! www.booksneeze.com....books are contagious!

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