Monday, August 19, 2013

Receipt confirmation!

We have a receipt number! YAY!  What this means is that I was able to call Klobuchars office and asked her awesome Immigration department to expedite our case. From what I remember, and I will correct this if I am wrong, we could hear in about 2 weeks a yes or no answer. So we are within a month time frame of Shadrack getting his much needed medical care. We are very excited about this! One more step in the right direction!

For those that want to hear more about the Story, Bill Morgan from the Sherburne County Citizen newspaper did a story this past weekend.  He did a very good job of telling Shadracks story...which seems complicated to tell in a short conversation.

You can find the story here

Please pray for a positive response from USCIS, (Immigration). And that it is speedy in getting here!

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