Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Update

Well, our paperwork should be in the hands of Immigration as I type. We are simply waiting on the receipt number to then give to Amy Klobuchar's office to expedite our paperwork. We are literally at the hands of the person at immigration that is reviewing our paperwork. So we wait with trust that things will work out. We simply would like to get Shadrack here for medical care that we have all set up for him. It is torture waiting. We are ready to get him here to get him walking, eating, talking and learning to care for himself should he continue to be blind.

We really worked to work with on bonding with him while we spent two weeks with him. We knew he needed to trust us. Well, I got an email from someone in Liberia. Apparently he didn't think to highly of us leaving him in Liberia. He wouldn't eat and the words from our friend...."it was a nightmare". Broke my heart to hear this! I could have done well to not hear this! Yikes!

I cannot say how appreciative that we are for everyone so willing to help with a fundraiser to bring Shadrack to the US! We used up Wayne's 401k to go our first trip. So this will help cover the added expenses, plus the medial bills beyond  the insurance coverings.
The Fundraiser will be held at Jack and Jim's in Duelm MN! Big 'ol Duelm.  12-5.  Our families and Clear Lake Fire Fighters are helping to pull this off!  

I will update again once we have the recipet. For now, just pray over the person getting all of our paperwork. We truly need to get shadrack here for medical care. Most of what he needs, should have been done shortly after birth! And to find out if he will eer be able to see at all!

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