Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little Bread Crumb

Just received a phone call from Klobuchars office...always nice to see that number pop up! Seems to be that she is checking in regularly with Immigration and getting updates. Our application is being passed around to the offices that need to see it. So we are thankful that they are currently reviewing it. The sooner Shadrack can get medical care...that better off this little guy will be! Praying for news on Friday!??? But it is not our timing...this whole process has proved that to us.

There has been some negativity over the Fundraiser that is happening on September 15th. I know there are always opinions surrounded anything good.

Our stance is, we are all called to help the orphan. Anyone who is oppressed is an orphan. Those without parents, those in need of clothing, food, shelter. We are all called to help. Some are called to adopt a parentless child, some are called to support those that do. We all have roles in the lives of those that need to see Jesus with skin on.

Wayne and I took care of our first trip through Wayne's retirement fund and through a loan. Plus some pretty generous people that helped us because they simply wanted to help.

Now we have to go back to Liberia. We are thrilled that our families along with some Clear Lake Fire Fighters are helping make this trip possible again. These funds are simply to help Shadrack. We will have medical coverage for him, but there are fees that end up being over and above what insurance covers. So the remainder of the funds will be to cover that. We will make sure Shadrack has clothes....which I have already gotten them, we will feed Shadrack, and get him to his appointments. Plus love on him.

So, for those that are going over and above to are the hands of feet of Jesus. Shadrack will surely feel the love from each and everyone of you. We don't take this lightly, we are humbled by this, we feel uncomfortable about this. But it is simply for Shadrack!

My mom has been looking for someone to help play music on Sept 15th. Do you or do you know someone who would be willing to donate 2-3 hours?
We have a Clown coming! FUN!

My mom or Kari from Clear Lake Fire Department (works at the City of Clear Lake offices) are collecting Silent auction items. We could use some more to help make this more successful.

there is a bake sale going on! So baked goods would be appreciated!

My mom, diane, can be contacted through email at

for those of you that we simply do not know...that call or simply send donations...We appreciate you so so much! I would like for everyone to Meet Shadrack. Praying for September 15th for that to happen! My perfect plan is that we leave September 7th and return Sept 14th...But we are running a little to close right now! Still hoping!

Thanks for all you do....

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